Restaurant Branding

A brand identity that kicks things up for the don’Key mexican food

Cookin’ up a winning marketing strategy for Pasadena’s favorite Tex-Mex spot.

Orange Chevrons Right

A Pasadena hotspot with a reputation for gettin’ rowdy, The Don’Key Mexican Food brand grabs Tex-Mex lovers’ attention with big, bold fonts, in-your-face phrases and a catchy tagline, “No Passport Required.” Taking things a step further, Design At Work elevated the brand’s identity with a fresh, modern look — while remaining recognizable to die-hard fans. With a refreshed color palette, updated headline approach and design adjustments that draw more heavily on the passport angle, the beloved eatery enters its next era. The kick-*ss brand brings in business by traveling everywhere, from social media posts, to menus, the website and even event merch — no passport required.


  • Website design
  • Email marketing
  • Menu design
  • Billboard design
  • Social media
  • Event support
  • Public relations support
  • Marketing strategy