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Press Releases, Digital PR and other strategic communication help clue potential clients into who your company is and all it’s doing.

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Where do public relations services rank in terms of what matters to your company? If your team views PR as something reserved for large corporate operations — or those that send out press releases each week — it’s time to shift your thinking.

The truth is, public relations efforts can benefit businesses of all types and sizes.

How could public relations benefit my business?

July 2022 cover of ABODE magazine and an editorial feature for an insurance client.
Example of public relations efforts for an insurance company, an editorial feature in ABODE magazine.
November/December 2022 cover of BIC Magazine and an editorial feature for a modular building company.
Example of public relations efforts for a modular building company, an editorial feature and ad in BIC Magazine.

This strategic communication is all about imparting knowledge and telling your story in a way that really resonates.

Quality PR can help a company build relationships with local reporters, making it more likely that it will be consulted for seasonal features or niche articles requiring specific expertise. It keeps a company top of mind among current and potential clients while positioning it as a leader in the field. It helps get the word out about big news and events, driving business and fueling growth. And it can go a long way toward reputation management, too.

When you join forces with a firm like Design At Work, you have a team of trained public relations pros who have the connections and resources required to get your business noticed. They also have the capacity to complete time-consuming work, freeing up your team to tend to other tasks.

What are my PR options?

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There are all sorts of ways for a company to get the word out to the masses. Much depends on budget, time constraints and importance of the information itself. In general, though, there are three approaches a company can take.

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Editorial Public
Relations Efforts.

Editorials are an unpaid approach to PR where your public relations partner will either “pitch” a story to a media outlet via press releases, phone calls or emails — or will respond to outlets’ requests for content. Coverage isn’t guaranteed, and the type of coverage can vary, too. An outlet might run an entire press release as-is, or interweave pieces of a press release into a piece with other sources. In most cases, your company won’t be able to review and/or approve a piece before publication.

The uncertain nature of this approach might be frustrating, but any article that IS picked up tends to be viewed as more trustworthy among readers. And that can go a long way toward helping your company position itself as an industry leader.

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Paid Public
Relations Efforts.

Paid PR involves purchasing space to post an article, product feature, company announcement or other news. Because it’s akin to buying an ad, your company has more control over the final article and can typically review and approve content before it goes out.

One benefit to paid PR is the guarantee that your content will run. Additionally, in instances such as paid press releases, it’s likely that content will be seen by a larger audience than anything sent through traditional pitching — and will be picked up by more outlets.

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Relations Efforts.

A newer concept brought about by SEO best practices, digital public relations involves reaching out to get articles or information published on websites or shared on social media — or to get backlinks added to your company’s existing articles or websites. Backlinks could be anything from including a company’s name among a list of trusted vendors, to linking the mention of a particular product or service directly to the proper URL.

Digital PR can help boost a company’s authority and improve its search rankings, but it must be done the right way. A skilled PR pro will know how to approach digital PR efforts to ensure issues such as “no follow” links and the like don’t derail your work.

Why trust a pro with your company’s strategic communication?

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PR efforts are about more than pulling together a message and finding instant gratification once it’s published. When you work with public relations professionals like us, you’re gaining big benefits and drawing off years of specialized training.

  • Established relationships. It isn’t easy to know who to pitch a story to — especially with journalists changing outlets, or writing for multiple outlets at once. Your public relations professional will have an updated contact list to ensure your message is going to the right place. They probably also have quality relationships with key media professionals.
  • Systemic knowledge. Pitching a story isn’t as intuitive as you might think — and paid press releases are a beast all their own. A seasoned PR professional has seen it all and can help you navigate the waters.
  • The ability to leverage content. You put a lot of work into your company announcements. They should do as much for you as they can. Your public relations expert can help pull published articles onto your website, share them on social media or even transform unpublished work into blog posts.

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