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Your customers are more plugged in than ever. With over 300 million active social media users in the United States alone, social media platforms are an important piece of the marketing puzzle. It’s important to get your brand in front of their eyes — and on their screens — to stay top of mind.

At Design At Work, we’re here to help your business build a loyal following of active users through interesting and visually engaging content. We’ll create social media campaigns tailored to your unique audience that raise brand awareness and highlight your business’ strengths, all while helping grow an organic following. Combining creativity with strategy, we’ll help you stand out from the crowd by doing social media differently.

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What is social media

Let’s start with the basics. Social media marketing is a type of organic digital marketing on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Unlike social media advertising, which focuses on targeted paid ads, social media marketing refers to unpaid posts that cast a much wider net. This can include targeted mini-campaigns — maybe your business is launching a new website or rolling out a new product — as well as general company news and updates, including promotions, staff spotlights and mentions in the media. By helping your business maintain a dynamic social presence, social media marketing helps raise brand awareness, engage active users and showcase your brand’s personality.

An Overview of Social media marketing strategy.

Social media posts promoting Día de los Muertos and National Taco Day.
Organic social media posts promoting holidays for a local Tex-Mex restaurant.
Social media marketing promoting a new work space for collaboration, creativity and networking.
Branded social media posts promoting an innovative collaborative work space.
Social media post highlighting Careers in Construction Month and the client's R Stamp Certification.
Social media posts celebrating an industrial constructor client’s team and unique qualifications.

Social media is always evolving — and your strategy should be, too. From emerging platforms to trends and best practices, we stay on top of what’s happening in the world of digital media.

To determine a social media strategy, we first look at the big-picture goals. For example, do you want to drive engagement, gain followers or reinforce your brand’s authority? Clarifying your goals up front will help drive the plan of action. For example, if you’re looking to grow your overall audience, it might make the most sense to kick things off with a follower campaign. Setting clear goals at the start of the process will also allow us to track the effectiveness and adjust the strategy as needed.

We’ll also research your competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses, study your customers’ online habits and review your industry’s current trends, hot topics and talking points. From there, we will use these insights to build a content calendar with a regular cadence. This will ensure your company is posting high-quality content on a consistent basis. And, last but absolutely not least, we review analytics to make sure your posts are engaging your audience and effectively meeting your social media goals.

So, how important is social media for business, anyway?

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As it turns out, social media marketing means business. With the explosion of online shopping, social commerce, influencer marketing and thought leadership, social media platforms are playing a vital role in helping businesses grow. Let’s take a closer look at how your current and potential customers are using it to shop or learn about businesses.

  • 90% buy from brands they actively follow on social media1
  • 78% say a brand’s social media impacts their purchase decision2
  • 31% use social media to search for and discover new items3
  • 68% of consumers make at least one purchase from social media a year4
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to buy from an inclusive brand that showcases diversity5

Social media is a powerful tool in your business’ marketing toolkit. It allows you a clear line of communication with current and potential customers — and reinforces your branding with each post. When approaching social media marketing strategically — from setting clear goals to following a defined content calendar — it has the potential to raise brand perception and increase overall awareness. As your digital marketing partner, Design At Work can help you harness this tool to make a lasting impact.

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