Design At Work is A Full-Service Branding Agency That Helps You tell your story.

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Branding is much more than a logo or tagline. It’s a concept, imagery, design and messaging combined to give your company an identity that defines what makes you different. And oftentimes it helps to have an outside perspective from a full-service branding agency to create a brand that resonates with your target audience.

What does a Full-Service branding agency do for my business?

Collection of branded marketing materials for a commerce and civic association.
Brand development for a commerce and civic association with marketing pieces highlighting what makes the town different.
Black and orange logo design for interior services company.
Branding campaign featuring logo with tagline for interior services company.
Array of marketing materials for an electrification and automation company.
Brand development for an electrification and automation company with eye-catching visuals and text that educates.

Guiding and supporting clients is at the heart of what a full-service branding agency does. At Design At Work, we create, enhance and maintain brands, handling the content creation, design and communication so there’s consistency wherever your brand appears.

As your partner, our full-service marketing team gets to know what you do, taking our branding knowledge and talent to develop your company’s look and feel — so those interacting with your brand know what you do, why you do it and feel confident in your product or services.

From there, we create a marketing plan to keep top-of-mind-awareness high. When your audience has a need, we want them to think of you to fulfill it. We also help your sales team by creating collateral and assets to guide the sales cycle and close new business.

Branding is just the start with Design At Work. It’s the process of taking your business to the next level — it’s marketing done differently.

Branding is an investment.

So, how do you calculate the ROI of branding? A strong brand attracts more customers so it makes sense to put the time, energy and financial investment in to branding — or rebranding. While it can seem like an overwhelming process, when you enlist the help of a team of experts, a lot is taken off your plate and you can rely on branding strategy instead of guesswork.

Create your brand. Grow
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Offering everything you need to give your business an identity.

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Logo Design

A logo may seem small, but it’s actually incredibly powerful. Often on everything from collateral and business cards to your website and giveaways, your logo says a lot about your brand. Our graphic designers are experts at custom logo design for businesses across many industries.

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Brand Development

We’ll review your current marketing concept as well as what competitors are doing to create a strong brand for your business, that will work long term — one that stands out and separates your services and products from others.

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Brand Management

As time moves on, the goals of your brand may shift, but the core concept should stay intact. We help ensure the brand stays strong across all marketing channels and initiatives.

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When you want to boost growth, increase leads and profits or must stand out more against the competition, it might be time to rebrand your business. We’ll develop a comprehensive rebranding strategy and help navigate you through the internal and external changes.

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Is your business in need of
a rebrand?

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Here are three signs it’s time
to brand or rebrand your business.

  1. Your brand name or logo doesn’t make sense anymore. A brand vision change can be the biggest reason to also change your name or logo. Instead of working with something disjointed, it makes more sense to reevaluate and rebrand.
  2. There isn’t anything separating your brand from the rest. You do things better than your competitors. When your brand doesn’t reflect that, it’s time for change.
  3. You’ve outgrown your brand. Growth is great, until your brand is looking and sounding more outdated than authoritative.

Ready to rock a rebrand?

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