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Social media advertising can
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When your business — whether B2B or B2C — engages with any number of social media platforms, it becomes a direct conversation between you and your customers. It gives them insight into your work culture, an overview of what you offer and a glimpse into the personality of your company. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn all give companies a platform to easily advertise their services or products — and a real-time environment for direct feedback.

The sheer volume of work required to post and engage with any or all social media platforms can be overwhelming. A marketing firm like Design At Work can take on the load, helping your business establish accounts, create advertising campaigns, manage goal targeting and interpret insights. We identify the best platform for your company and move into developing an effective social media strategy to outline how to best create, distribute and engage with current and potential customers.

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What type of social media marketing is best for my business?

There are two social media marketing segments that businesses can use to reach new customers — paid and organic. Your social media strategy will help you plan campaigns using one or both of these marketing efforts. Ultimately, your organic and paid strategy should work together.

  • Organic social media. This refers to the free content brands share with social networks that help increase awareness, establish relationships and address customer service inquiries.
  • Paid social media. Paid social ads help brands reach individuals outside the existing network, target specific buyer personas and generate leads and conversions.

What type of social media
should I consider for
my business?

Example of LinkedIn advertising campaign
LinkedIn image ads help companies target and reach new audiences on social media.
Pinterest ad for seasonal grocery store produce
Pinterest ads offer B2C companies an opportunity to promote trending or seasonal products.
Example of Facebook carousel ad
Facebook carousel ads featuring new restaurant menu items.

Understanding your marketing objectives and where your target audience resides is the best place to start to identify the right platforms for your business. Budget can also help determine the best advertising fit. Facebook costs an average $0.97 per click, one of the lowest-priced platforms for ads, while LinkedIn averages $5.26 per click, coming in at one of the highest.1

The types of advertising across each platform can also vary. From sponsored InMail on LinkedIn to video ads on Facebook and YouTube, your company has a multitude of channels and methods to choose from on each of the different social media networks. Design At Work can help identify which channel fits your business and your budget best.

Where are my customers spending time on social media?

Each social media platform has different features and functionalities, as well as audiences, so identifying the channels that best suit your business goals will go a long way in defining your social media advertising plan. Here’s a quick look at what types of businesses are advertising on each of the most popular platforms.

  • Facebook. Most B2B and
    B2C businesses
  • Instagram. B2C and eCommerce
  • LinkedIn. B2B businesses
  • Pinterest. B2C and
  • Twitter. Some B2C and
    B2B businesses
  • YouTube. Some B2C and B2B businesses
  • TikTok. B2C and eCommerce

How do marketing agencies help businesses advertise on social media?

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  • Content and assets planning. Our team writes, designs, distributes and monitors social media ads based on a predetermined digital marketing strategy. Part of that strategy involves creating buyer personas that help us observe and better understand audience behaviors through our marketing efforts. Social media advertising helps businesses reach their target audiences in an instant, but that won’t guarantee results. Organic and paid marketing are intertwined, so we make sure your organic content offers insight to new customers and supports the message in your advertisements.
  • Getting clicks. Social media advertising allows brands to interact with potential customers and learn from their behaviors. Paid engagements such as likes, comments, shares, messages and clicks can help businesses identify patterns in behavior to determine the type of content that intrigues target audiences the most. Our team develops content, posts and videos with engagement in mind. We can use these insights to further develop buyer personas, adjust audience targeting or shift the focus to improve pay-per-click (PPC) results.
  • Campaign strategy. Unlike other marketing channels, social outlets have distinct differences in the way each platform displays information and responds to trends. Design At Work helps determine the type of content to promote on each platform and the best ways to engage with your target audience. Whether you’re looking to boost your following or drive traffic to your new website, our team will recommend the best approach to help you reach your advertising goals.
  • Tracking and reporting. Our analytics and reporting tools will track the effectiveness of long-term campaigns and supplemental advertising efforts. Design At Work will observe these insights and make recommendations to optimize your social campaigns based on observations from monthly performance and overall digital marketing goals.
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How can B2B and B2C companies benefit from social media advertising?

Social media networks offer many advantages such as eCommerce, customer surveys and platform-specific insights. These features are especially valuable for B2C companies looking to promote goods and services through additional online platforms.

Platforms like LinkedIn are perfect for B2B companies that want to keep their brand top of mind by demonstrating expertise on a topic that is relevant to their audience base or individual buyer personas. More B2B companies are using the platform’s display ads for brand messaging and recognition as part of their long-term marketing strategy.

Between advancements in predictive analytics and shifts in consumer preferences, Gartner predicts that 80% of B2B sales interactions are expected to take place through digital channels by 2025.2

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