Copywriting services help your business tell its story.

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A marketing copywriter takes what’s unique about your business and provides the platform to communicate it with potential customers.

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A great company brand isn’t just about well-designed logos and colors that pop. The words you use can make a difference, too. A brand message is all about informing your potential clients about what your company offers, but in an engaging, precise and easy-to-digest way. And with the help of a professional copywriter, who has the ability to learn and convey your message, that written brand is brought to life.

At Design At Work, our team of copywriters ensures your messaging is positioning your company in the right light with the right customers. A financial firm will likely employ a more conservative tone, while a Gen Z-targeting clothing boutique takes a more casual, fun voice in its marketing. Both should be friendly and welcoming in their own right — but in a way that resonates with the target audience.

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Why copywriting services matter.

Copywriting services rank among a company’s most important marketing resources. At the same time, they’re among the most overlooked. Why? Because most people can write and many often think a general grasp of grammar is enough to steer a company’s message forward. Of course, that isn’t the case.

It takes nuance to craft a message that makes someone take notice. It takes knowing the tone of voice needed to get across who you are as a company. It’s communicating your products and services in a simple, succinct and enticing way. It’s understanding all the important grammar rules and when it’s OK to break them. In short, it’s not so straightforward.

Working with a firm like Design At Work, means you have assistance from someone who understands your business and branding, has a grasp of your goals and maintains your core messaging to help make those goals a reality.

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Don’t forget about
spelling and

Grammar, spelling and punctuation can go a long way toward positioning your company in a positive light. Misspelled words and the like can lead potential clients to question the amount of care a company puts into its work and can have costly consequences for a business. Still on the fence? We’ve got stats to back it up.1

  • Poor spelling or grammar increase a landing page’s bounce rate by 85%
  • People are 70% less likely to click on a Google ad with grammar or spelling issues
  • Google charges 72% more for ads with grammatical mistakes — and 20% more for ads with spelling mistakes

What services can a marketing copywriter offer your company?

Collection of software company whitepaper and case study copywriting examples.
Collection of whitepaper and case study copywriting examples that cover real-world examples of how a software company helped its clients.
Example of a sales presentation that covers an ozone generator manufacturer's product and technology.
Example of a sales presentation that covers the technology behind an ozone generator manufacturing company’s product.

The simpler question might be what CAN’T a copywriter contribute? The truth is, virtually every element of your marketing endeavors requires messaging of some sort. Here’s a high-level overview at how your outsourced copywriter can put their wordsmithing to work for you.

What should you look for in a quality marketing copywriter?

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No two businesses are exactly alike — and no two copywriters are, either. So, knowing who to trust with the important task of your wordsmithing isn’t an exact science. There are, however, a few tell-tale signs that a potential marketing copywriter could be the right fit.

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Copywriters have a firm
grasp of who your company is (and who it wants to be).

Copywriting is all about positioning your products and services in the best possible light, while also painting an accurate representation of what a potential client will get when they do business with you. The content should sound like it was written by someone who’s knee-deep in your company’s day-to-day, and it should be written in a way that makes a person excited to learn more.

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Copywriters create
clean copy.

If you’re spotting spelling or grammar mistakes, that’s a red flag that will catch potential clients’ attention quick. On a similar note, if they’re continually presenting information that is factually inaccurate — say, you’ve updated your services and told them about it, but they keep getting that wrong — that’s a sign your copywriter isn’t paying attention. Ideally, your marketing copywriter will serve as an extension of your team, able to pick up projects and knock them out with relatively few edits.

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They’re willing to work with you while offering professional opinions.

Most marketing copywriters walk a fine line between giving the client what they want and doing what’s best for that client. (And in a world like marketing, where things are always changing, that isn’t always easy.) In an ideal relationship, you’ll work together to turn in quality work that sounds like your company and hits all the right notes. They’ll take company leadership’s personal preferences into consideration when it comes to writing up your work — but will question any edits that don’t jive with your brand or the current environment. It’s not about being combative. It’s about a healthy partnership that keeps your business growing.

Why opt for a marketing
copywriter who’s part of a
larger marketing team?

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The modern-day job market is filled with freelancers who turn out quality copy, but there’s something to be said about teamwork. When you work with a marketing copywriter who’s part of a team, like at Design At Work, they’re in close proximity to other writers, and they have access to graphic design, website and other marketing insight, too — harnessing quite a bit of creative power.

At Design At Work, we employ marketing copywriters who are part of a larger agency, and who are willing to shuffle schedules or get help from copywriter counterparts to make your work happen when it needs to.

Looking for copywriting that makes your company sound really, really good?

Design At Work’s ready to tell your story.


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