Online marketing amplifies your company’s message and boosts customer leads.

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Online marketing and real-time
Digital interactions are pivotal to engaging customers on the Internet.

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When marketing your company, the best results often come from delivering consistent, frequent brand messaging across multiple channels. Digital marketing is one — if not the largest — channel for marketing for both B2C and B2B companies. At Design At Work, we take full advantage of marketing your company online through writing, designing, distributing and monitoring content to reach your overall marketing goals.

Your company is unique. Your brand is unique. And it’s our job to create an effective online marketing strategy where potential customers are seeing that brand, no matter where their browser takes them. A strategy that optimizes the user journey through website pages, search engines, social media outlets and email campaigns will help build an effective marketing engine to drive, engage and capture online leads.

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How we get it done.

Design At Work uses various email, social and other digital platforms to navigate users through a customer journey. Conversion-focused tools such as landing pages and downloadable resource guides help to appeal to and capture those customers, so you can continue to influence their purchasing decisions and stay top of mind.

Whether a website guides your customers to a point of sale or another digital marketing funnel, our goal is to keep them engaged through one or more channels. For instance, your online marketing strategy might encourage visitors to sign up for your email newsletter using a subscriber discount or limited-time offer. Email subscriber lists bring customers back to your website through the same channel or another medium.

Similarly, we plan for organic and paid social media content to link to web pages designed specifically for the intended audience. Social media channels can also help provide new opportunities for engagement through real-time interactions with potential customers.

Design At Work can develop a multi-channel digital strategy, research opportunities and create the content you need to communicate your brand’s message.

How can I effectively market my company online?

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The best planned digital strategies often start with a deep dive into your customers’ habits (hello, Google Analytics!) and an understanding of where your target audience resides. Environmental and situational factors should also be considered because a successful strategy for one brand might not be applicable to another.

Industry and market research are key to getting a feel for the marketplace, including identifying what digital campaigns your competitors are running, where you see a hole in demand and what potential customers are most likely to respond to. And finally, it’s important to make sure that whatever online marketing channel or strategy you decide on takes into account your budget and business objectives.

How do organic and paid digital marketing channels work together?

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An online marketing diagram representing the relationship between paid and organic digital channels.

Think of your digital marketing strategy as a network of channels that cycle users through your customer journey. Each channel offers a unique way to communicate, engage and distribute content as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Our goal is to widen your audience base by elevating your online presence and streamlining the customer experience. We can develop a strategy using paid and organic channels to attract new audiences and increase conversions by cycling them through to your website. See how some of the most common digital marketing strategies are connected through their respective channels:

What is real-time marketing?

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Design At Work will also help your brand stay relevant by engaging with audiences in real-time. Real-time marketing methods include responding to current events, channel trends or industry-specific topics.

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What is an example of real-time marketing?

In 2022, Microsoft Windows had a quick response to a viral TikTok video where a user created a humorous version of the iconic four-panel logo. The TikTok creator re-designed several popular logos for well-known brands in various industries, but Microsoft put its brand at the forefront of the trend by swapping its New York store logo for the creator’s humorous design. The viral video landed Microsoft 1 million followers in nine months1.

Takeaway. Microsoft reported that 70% of the brand’s engagement comes from real-time reactions and trends. While this example might appear niche or nonsensical, this was a strategic move that helped the brand reach its goal.

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is real-time marketing effective?

When brands react quickly to the latest news and events, they have additional opportunities to capitalize on viral trends and contribute to a larger conversation.

Not only does real-time marketing keep brands top of mind, but these interactions also contribute to the customer’s perception. By engaging with topics relevant to your audience, we help your brand demonstrate situational awareness and emotional intelligence.

Ready to reach new audiences through online marketing?

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