Give your brand a boost with brand management Services.

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A good amount of legwork ensures your company’s brand is effective across all parts of your marketing.

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Design At Work tackles your brand management services head on — maintaining brand standards so you can develop brand equity, building awareness to ensure you’re top of mind for clients and creating a foundation to build true brand recognition.

Every company who has a brand needs brand management. On its most basic level, brand management is about the design, placement and marketing of your brand. However, it’s about more than just aesthetics. It’s supporting a company’s brand identity — so it’s consistent across every level of your business. From the front door to a flyer, brand management covers every client touchpoint, so they get the full brand experience no matter where in the sales cycle a client may be.

For businesses small or large, brand management is integral to the longevity and resilience of your brand — and ultimately the success of your business. It’s why at Design At Work, we take branding pretty seriously. Defining your brand from the outset, then sustaining it for the long haul.

Brand management is key to engaging your target audience.

Collection of brand development materials for a landscaping design company.
Brand development collateral for a landscaping design company, including logo and educational pamphlet.
Mobile and desktop websites for a landscaping design company.
Eye-catching digital brand management assets for a landscaping design company.
T-shirt and yard sign for a landscaping design company.
Brand management collateral, including a shirt and yard sign, for a landscaping design company.

Who are our customers? What are they looking for? What makes our product or service different? These are questions typically covered in the initial stages of brand development. But they’re just as relevant when managing a business’ brand consistency.

To continually appeal to your target audience, it’s important to check that your message, visual elements and design are all consistent and still relevant for your customers — specifically your most loyal customers. Your customer base drives the trajectory of business, so their view of your company becomes a measuring stick for effective brand management. A rogue off-message email or an insensitive social media post can turn off even the most loyal client. Brand management ensures your message is clear, concise and well, on brand, for your target audience.

Why is brand management
to my business?

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A brand is only as good as the effort made to maintain it. From creation to distribution, a company’s brand must not only be established, but it must also be made known. Brand management is vital to ensuring the consistency and dissemination of a company’s brand, so the right people see your brand in all the right places.

Still not convinced? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the top reasons your business needs brand management services:

  • Improve brand perception and first impressions. Your website. Your product packaging. Your business card. Those are all branding assets that become the first contact for a potential client. And if you want that first impression to be a long, lasting impression, then you better have your brand accounted for and showing off its best stuff. One poorly designed off-brand piece could cause confusion, leaving all that great brand equity on the line.
  • Increase customer loyalty. You’ve heard lobsters mate for life, right? Well same can be said for customers and a brand. They found it. They love it. And typically, they don’t change. That’s customer loyalty right there. And your brand and the brand management needed to stay relevant to a client makes it easier for them to find you, use you and keep working with you.
  • Never lose customer impact. You can’t expect customers to know your new brand right out the gate. It takes a strong dose of integrated marketing to develop, distribute and sustain a brand so that over time current and new customers come to know you and your brand. Brand management maintains and engages your company’s brand so it’s always there, always consistent and always top of mind.
  • More flexibility and scalability. Just like you may scale the growth of your company based on revenue, customer demand and resources, you’ll want to do the same for your brand. If you’re thoughtfully managing your branding and marketing by keeping an eye on the market, your industry and trends, you can adapt and stay ahead. Nothing is worse than a stale brand that doesn’t continue to appeal to customers or address their needs.
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Great examples of brand management.

Some of the largest companies in the world rely on brand management to maintain their brand positioning and value, while preserving their brand reputation. Coca-Cola, Geico, Yeti, Johnson & Johnson, Chic-fil-A, Starbucks, Home Depot and more well-known companies (with well-know brands), use brand management to keep their image on lock and their impact maximized.

Green and white Starbucks logo featuring iconic mermaid.
You can’t even drive a mile without seeing that green mermaid logo shining like a beacon. It’s iconic. Starbucks keeps its brand standards tight and its brand vision even tighter. It’s all about coffee and the ability to stay one step ahead of the competition — and the coolness factor.
Tiffany & Co. logo with black serif font on a teal background.
There’s no more recognizable brand in diamonds than Tiffany. And it all started with their signature robin’s egg blue. Sustaining that brand, they have created an exclusivity that continues to resonate with customers to this day
Blue Intel Inside logo with white sans serif font.
With a focus on B2B, Intel Inside is a master class in brand management. To sustain and grow their market share, Intel combined marketing, advertising and a great customer experience to resonate with partners and customers alike. Over the years, they have adapted to changing needs while staying true to the brand positioning
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Brand management

A lot of thought, research and oftentimes, good old common sense, go in to making a brand resonate with customers. And that same effort should go into maintaining it, too. Keep in mind these key branding phrases and stats when you’re ready to put brand management into the hands of Design At Work.

Brand Consistency

  • A consistent presentation of a brand has been seen to increase revenue by 23%1

Brand Recognition

  • Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%2
  • Consistently presented brands are 3.5x more likely to enjoy excellent brand visibility than those with an inconsistent brand presentation2

Brand Equity

  • 59% of shoppers prefer to buy new products from the brands they trust3

It takes an experienced team to make brand management happen for your company.

Design At Work has you covered.