Website design helps keep Prospects in your orbit.

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Get a website that works — for you and your customers.

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A website designed right connects businesses to customers — not to mention is the landing place for all of collateral, social media and other marketing efforts. Think about it. Your website URL is on everything, so it can’t just look good, it has to function.

Combining the content, design and programming, Design At Work creates websites that work — for you and your customers. Because we’re doing it differently.

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Attract and keep the
right audience with
your website.

There are many reasons for a visitor to leave your website. Are you familiar with these top ones?

  • 61.5% bad navigation1
  • 38.5% outdated design1
  • 34.6% poor content structure1

User interface (UI) and experience (UX) are at the forefront of our website design.

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Website design featuring homepage elements for PCBA manufacturing company.
Website design elements by page.
Website design that follows the look and feel of an industrial company’s brand.

A well thought out website combines UI and UX. The team thinks through both to ensure the way people interact with your website and the visual design work separately — and most importantly — together.

While your website needs to follow the look and feel of your brand, we know it’s also important to understand the site’s architecture, or structure, and functionality. For example, a button may need to change colors or have some movement but its placement and where it links to also need to be thought through. Developing a good looking and well-functioning site will help in many ways:

  • Attract and retain customers
  • Get more user engagement
  • Optimize conversion opportunities
  • Eliminate future troubleshooting and change

Find a Website design company That handles all the details.

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When it comes to website design and development, going the do-it-yourself route isn’t always as beneficial as you think — from a timing and cost perspective. With everchanging trends, tried-and-true best practices and personal preferences all in the mix, there is much to consider. A website design company like Design At Work stays on top of trends, brings fresh ideas and provides recommendations to ensure your business’ website will look good and function now — and in the future.

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What does our team

  • Project management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Navigation and page organization
  • Call-to-action structure
  • Typographer styles and characters
  • Multimedia deliverables (infographics,
    animations, videos)
  • Graphic and photo manipulation
  • Programming
  • Quality assurance testing across devices (desktop and mobile)

Graphic design and website programming — the perfect duo web presence.

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Website coding is an integral part of designing a site. Not only do Design At Work graphic designers understand the tools to create aesthetically pleasing and functional websites, but they also have strong working relationships with website programmers.

Collaboration is key when it comes to website design and development. From ensuring intended functionality is possible to checking off the technical must-haves, website designers and programmers work hand in hand.


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For many companies, a website is the first interaction potential customers have with you. They have a need, search for it, and the next thing they know, they’re on your site. Sure, some users might come from social media, but most people who are simply searching for a solution will come across your website first.

So, why does this matter and what does it have to do with integrated marketing?

In today’s marketing world, the goal is uniting your marketing efforts (think collateral, direct marketing, social media marketing, advertising — you get the gist) so your target audience has a pleasant and consistent customer experience.

And websites must be part of that integration. We repeatedly say that most of your marketing leads to one place: your website. So why put anything but a well-thought-out, strategic site out there? You don’t. Working with a full-service firm like Design At Work ensures all aspects of your marketing plan work well together to resonate with your audience.

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