Why Website Personalization is Key to Website Design

When it comes to content in website design, messages can get lost in a sea of never-ending information on a company’s website. Website personalization is geared around creating a personal digital experience for customers who venture on to a webpage. Why is this important? Because the more engaged a customer is, and the more relatable the content, the more likely they are to be repeat customers.

Website personalization builds a custom experience for each visitor as they enter a webpage, tailoring content based on the visitor’s personal preferences of data collected from previous online behavior. By collecting information on items that have been clicked on prior, other items of similar interest can be suggested to the customer. Email reminders that entice them with more information on products they have already looked at are also a way to invite customers back to your website. Let’s investigate why website content should be based on personal preferences and past behaviors.

Understand Your Audience.

Hone in on the needs of your target audience. By responding to their needs, preferences and expectations, your business can better connect and keep them engaged. For example, this would allow your business the opportunity to make more in-demand items available on your website. When you know what they like, you can make sure you offer it to them.

Increase Customer Loyalty.

Simply put, if you offer them what they want, they will keep coming back for more. A customer is more likely to be a repeat customer if they can relate the message received and website content with their lifestyle. Having options suggested based on their personal preference means they do not have to dig through multiple pages to find what they want. The more user-friendly the website is, the more likely they are to come back and use it again.

Keep Visitors on Your Site Longer.

The average visitor only spends 45 seconds on a website before ditching it. If they stay longer, it’s quite the accomplishment. Capturing a visitor’s attention makes them more inclined to stay awhile. The longer they stay, the higher the likelihood is they will purchase something. When it is personal and more about what you can do for them versus what your company offers in general this is easily achieved.

With only 45 seconds to capture the attention of the average online visitor, you need to hook them — and fast. Website personalization helps you keep your customers engaged and coming back for me. Ready to add personalization to your site? The team at Design At Work, named one of Houston’s best web design companies by DesignRush in 2021, is here to help. Contact us to learn more!