Social Media Graphics: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Since we live in a graphic culture, companies that want their social media posts to generate more views and shares, higher click-through rates and greater overall engagement with potential customers often include photos, videos, screenshots and other graphics in addition to compelling text.

Although text-based posts will always be a part of your social media strategy, as you begin to set your company apart, here are some helpful tips that will take your social media graphics to the next level.

  1. Images: Catching the eye of potential customers with visual content shows off your products and services. People are more inclined to read what you post if you also share an original image. Going a step further and posting pictures of your employees and brand lets your audience get to know your company on a personal level, building their trust. Incorporating images into your posts also entices viewers to learn more about your company’s offerings, supporting search optimization and boosting the number of views and clicks your website has.
  2. Videos: Potential customers want to see your products in action and hear you talk about what makes them stand out from the rest, to picture how they will work for them. Including promotional and marketing videos or product tours on your social media accounts will drum up conversation about all your company has to offer.
  3. Infographics: This type of graphic provides potential clients easy to consume bites of information, since they consist mostly of statistics and data with accompanying images. Regardless of language, your followers will understand the message you are trying to convey, making infographics a prime visual to add to your social media. Additionally, infographics tend to be circulated more than text only content, improving the number of times your post is shared, liked, re-tweeted or commented on.
  4. Presentations: By posting presentations, you are conveying to your social media audience your willingness to go the extra mile, extending the outreach of your company. Presentations also generate engagement of users and bolster communication. Due to the attractive designs, images and branded colors, presentations spark interest, driving more people to view them and learn what your business has to offer.

When you are ready to step-up your social media strategy, think about including an eye-catching image, striking video, impactful infographic or distinctive presentation to attract an audience consumed with graphics. Design At Work is here to help you up your posting game so your company is on the brain of your potential customers.